We understand that some collections are unlikely to be housed in museum quality atmospheric and light conditions so it is our mission as private conservation professionals with extensive training and special expertise to provide ethical and innovative methods to help revive and protect fine art objects. We only perform and recommend treatments which are appropriate to the integrity and preservation of all art works.

About Our Services

Works on Paper

We work with all types of objects on paper including watercolours, prints, mixed media, photographs, certificates and other paper objects.  Our goal when working on any paper object is to provide chemical and physical stabilization for preservation.


We restore paintings on canvas, board, metal, glass and many other types of substrates.



We offer conservation and restoration services for textiles including tapestries, needle work, banners, and works on any textile substrates including silk.


About Our Company

MB Restoration provides fine art restoration, conservation and appraisal services for paintings, textiles and works on paper for the trade, institutions and corporate collections across Canada and the USA.  

Michaela Bosworth has over 20 years experience in fine art restoration and conservation. 

She has a Masters of Fine Art//Conservation from Camberwell College London, England  which included an internship at the V & A under Dr. Sandra Grantham and a B. A. from the University of Toronto.  After graduating from Camberwell in 2001, Michaela worked in the paper conservation department at Tate Britain before returning to Toronto to continue working at Moya Gillett Inc., a fine art restoration and conservation studio. 

In 2016 Moya retired and Michaela took over the running of the studio operating as MBFineArtRestoration.